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How does it work?

The Lifting Serum is mixed with the Gelling Solution to create a Purifying Compound that absorbs and discharges all impurities deep in your pores. The Purifying Compound fuses with carbon dioxide in the air with our CO2 OctoLift™ technology and creates a strong binding force that produces the lifting and firming effects on your skin. Within minutes, powerful botanical extracts are released to soothe and calm problematic skin while peptides work to target all other signs of aging, revealing a noticeably improved complexion, time after time.

Why is this better than other masks, injections, laser treatments, or facials?

The problem with the skin care industry is that injections are invasive, laser treatments are expensive (which usually only target 1 or 2 problems), and there are hundreds of products that make false claims. Hanacure simplifies the process in addressing all major skin concerns with just one product. There is no other product on the market that shows signs of improvement within 20 minutes and continues to transform with every use.

What’s inside?

We discovered the miraculous combination of the Purifying Compound, natural botanical extracts, and powerful peptides. They all work together to soothe and calm skin while fighting signs of aging. We do not use any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. All our products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and never tested on animals. For the active ingredient list, please refer to the photo of the box or the "Ingredients" tab on this page: 


Our products do not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

We are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

What is CO2 OctoLift™?

CO2 OctoLift™ is the reaction that takes place when the Purifying Compound fuses with CO2 in the air to create a strong binding force that produces the lifting and tightening effects on your face. When fanning your skin, the intensity of the tightness will increase. This helps with fighting signs of aging while the Purifying Compound absorbs the impurities and discharges it from your skin.

What is the Purifying Compound?

The Purifying Compound is made when the Lifting Serum is mixed with the Gelling Solution. In its liquid state, it seeps deep into your pores and begins to react with the CO2 in the air (see CO2 OctoLift™) for lifting and tightening effects. As it resolidifies after fusing with CO2, the Purifying Compound absorbs all the impurities from your skin to be discharged when rinsed.

Who is this made for? Does this work for all types of skin?

Hanacure was designed for everyone. We believe steps taken for anti-aging should begin at any age. Everyone deserves a chance at achieving flawless looking skin.

Please consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before use.


How do I use this?

Each Lifting Serum is paired with a Gelling Solution. Pour Lifting Serum into Gelling Solution, shake well for 20 seconds for Purifying Compound to form and apply it evenly on face, neck, hands with brush. Can use sparingly under eyes but avoid direct contact with eyes, lids, and lips. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after about 20-25 minutes. For more detailed information and photos, please refer to HOW TO USE.

When should I use this?

We generally recommend using the mask 2 times per week until you achieve your desired results. After that, a few times per month or any time your skin needs a quick pick me up.

The participants in our clinical studies on the Science page were instructed to use our product once every three days for 31 days. However, everyone’s skin reacts differently and results do vary from person to person. Some were able to see dramatic results within just 1 application in 20 minutes, others with more certain skin concerns saw results within a few uses, others with aggressive skin concerns saw improvement after 8-10 uses. 

Similar to exercise, the results are cumulative. You can also view our second Instagram account @hanacureeffect to see other people's experiences.

How often can I use this?

We recommend once or twice per week but you may use as often as desired. The results are cumulative so with dedicated use, you will notice even better results. Once your skin has completely transformed after several months, you may use less often (once or twice per month) for maintenance or right before an event to look camera ready.

Can I use the mask after CO2 laser, chemical peels, acids, retinoids, or other medications?

Laser treatments, peels, acids, RX treatments, and certain retinoids all require the skin to go through a 1-2 week healing process. The All-In-One Facial is an active treatment with intense tightening and lifting effects, so please wait for your skin to fully recover from those treatments prior to using our mask. We do not recommend using with severely skin-drying products, or any other products that can cause irritation, such as acne medication. Please consult your dermatologist with any concerns.

Why am I red after using this?

Due to the different levels of melanin in our skin, it’s common for people with fair and sensitive skin to experience redness. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary and will subside within 2 hours. The reason for this, is improvement of blood circulation as CO2 OctoLift™ and peptides work to begin skin regeneration.

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend using the facial for 15-20 minutes. However, you may still increase the intensity of the facial by fanning the face. 


Does this cause allergic reactions?

Our product is hypoallergenic, we do not use any ingredients that are known to cause any allergic reactions, as confirmed with third party labs for safety standard testing. However, please discontinue use and consult a medical expert if you notice any irregularities for over 2 hours.


How long do the results last?

Studies found that with dedicated use (1-2 times per week) for 2-3 months, the results can last for several months. Results may vary due to the severity of the skin concern.

Can I use this while pregnant or nursing?

Since pregnancy can influence how one's skin reacts, please consult with your physician.

The active ingredients consist of peptides and botanicals, and can be found at under the "Ingredients" tab.

Are your products vegan?

The All-In-One Facial multi-action treatment mask is vegan.

At what age can you use this?

This product was designed for anyone, at any age. However, if under the age of 16, please ask for parental or legal guardian approval. Beauty can never blossom too early.

Where can I purchase?

Our brand is only available on our own website at and through the following department stores and boutiques: 

Neiman Marcus

Bergdorf Goodman

Violet Grey


Your skin is very important to us. Please beware of dangerous fakes.


When can I expect shipment?

We ship within 24 hours after the order has been placed. Orders with Standard shipping in the US are then delivered within 10 business days. Orders made with Rush shipping are delivered within 3-4 business days. Orders made with Overnight shipping are delivered within 1-2 business days. Overnight orders must be placed by 3 pm PST.

Orders outside of the US are delivered around 10-20 business days (depending on customs clearance ). We will always try our best to beat your expectations.

All orders are shipped on the following Monday if placed on Friday or over the weekend.

What is your shipping and return policy?

Since our product requires pairing and mixing of the lifting serum and gelling solution and each pairing is only for 1 application only, we cannot accept any returns for this product once opened. This is to protect the freshness and integrity of the ingredients in our product. Immediate use is required once the product is opened.

You have 15 days upon receipt of the product for a full refund minus shipping if the product is shipped back unopened.

What if I need to change my shipping address after my order was placed?

We are able to make address changes for you within 1 hour of your order placement. We are unable to make any changes once the order is shipped and with the courier. Please double check your shipping address when placing the order and with the order confirmation.

If selecting our Free 1-2 day Delivery service, please be sure your address is correct as we ship immediately and won't be able to make any address changes after the order has been placed. 


Will Hanacure have more products?

Yes, we have an entire line of groundbreaking skin care products designed to all work together with the All-In-One Facial and give you the most perfect looking skin. This will be released in the future. To be one of the first to hear about upcoming products, please sign up for our email.


Where is this made?

We are an American company with operations in both the US and South Korea. We do not test on animals, nor are our ingredients tested on animals. All of our products are vegan and go through safety clinical studies in the US. 


Is Amazon An Authorized Dealer of Hanacure?

We DO NOT sell any products on Amazon or eBay. Please beware of dangerous fakes, extremely marked up pricing, or even pre-used product.s


Why did the founders create this?

We saw a problem with the congested skin care industry and sought out to develop a more effective and more efficient skin care system. With 20 years of experience in skin care, we’ve redeveloped a traditionally complex system to fit today’s modern lifestyle: strip the complicated process down to one step using one breakthrough formulation.

Our debut product is the All-In-One Facial because we realized that there just had to be an easier and more affordable way to maintain healthy skin without having to go see the dermatologist or facialist every time. We created the ultimate multi-action treatment mask so that you can address any of the most common skin concerns you may be facing or would just like your skin to have a quick pick-me-up. It's like having a facial that you can take anywhere and use at any time.

What is the Hanacure Nano Emulsion?

The Multi-Peptide Nano Emulsion is our breakthrough moisturizer designed to improve the appearance of your skin’s tone, texture, and firmness. We recommend using it daily, particularly after the All-In-One Facial is fully rinsed off with water and your face is pat-dry. 

We do not formulate with parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and our emulsion does not contain colorants, fragrance, or alcohol. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, and not tested on animals.


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